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SIGNING: The Exillians (Juice Aleem + T.I.E. + Mike Ladd)

Colin Morgan

May 13, 2023

NCP is excited to announce that we will release the debut LP from hip-hop super group, the Exillians (Fall, '23 release)

The Exillians are a european-based hip-hop supergroupd consisting of three highly talented ex-pats: Boston born Post Futurist poet, Mike Ladd, Senegalese surrealist singer and poetess, TIE and Astro-Caribbean MC Juice Aleem. Night City Publishing will release their debut LP in the second half of 2023.

We've listened to the final record extensively at the label and are simply blown away. The production is outstanding as on all of Mike's projects and Juice and TIE really bring it with their lyrical performance as well. TIE in particular is a vocal beast on this record, taking on and triumphing through many complex challenges in time signature changes and quick shifts in production. Juice Aleem brings his usual swagger and important Caribbean voice to the songs and is easily the subtle MVP of the album. Mike's overall vision and strong lyrical performances, as well as production round out an incredible and unique LP that we are very excited to bring to all of you.

More details on the LP title, album art and exact release date(s) to come soon. You'll find a few links on their earlier work below.

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