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RELEASE: Mystic Mixtape (Podcast) -S2 - Episode 5
- - w/ Special Guest: The Zine Witch, "The Astrology of Silverchair"

Colin Morgan

May 19, 2023

A new episode of the only podcast where music, art, astrology and the occult collide - with special guest: The Zine Witch

Mystic Mixtape, with creator/main host Diana Dagaz and co-host Christopher J. Martin, is a podcast concerning mysticism, astrology and the occult, in addition to day to day life, world issues and excellent music. Night City Publishing is producing and sourcing all of season 2, which is currently still recording.

Our guest this week is an Astrologer, tarot reader, disability advocate and music enthusiast: Bee, The Zine Witch. We discussed the legendary Australian band Silverchair, why Aussies make the best punk rock, music as a healer and more!

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