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RELEASE: Chicago Nights

Colin Morgan

Aug 25, 2023

"Chicago Nights" the latest album from Frank Catalano and Jimmy Chamberlin, is out NOW on all digital streaming platforms

“Chicago Nights”, the next full length jazz record from the duo of Frank Catalano and Jimmy Chamberlin has been released on all platforms.

“Chicago Nights”, with artwork by Tony Fitzpatrick and art design by Diana Dagaz is simply a masterpiece of modern jazz form and is a tribute to Chicago's past and musical legacy. This is a record bound by duty to music as a concept and a record celebrating the brotherhood of Frank and Jimmy and their special sonic trust and synergy.

Pulsing, cacophonous rhythm beats between brass induction and magnetic snares of energy You can almost hear the unique sounds of Chicago in this record at times. The clink of the glass at the green mill (which happens to be the sign on the cover that Tony so wonderfully rendered and beautifully conveyed im all its mystical nature and grandeur). The screech of well worn wheels across a dark highway downtown. The wind blowing gently between skyscrapers on dark winter night. Its all there, and its all beautifully rendered as songs for all of you to enjoy. We feel privileged and blessed to be able to release and promote the music of the best saxophonist and the best drummer in the world.

Thank you all for being loyal to our label, for following us through the years on this journey, and for being the best fans in the world. We couldn’t work on amazing projects like this without all of you and really value the time and energy you’ve spent supporting us. Stay tuned for more info on Frank’s touring schedule, the album release and more over the next few weeks and months.

Listen below:


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