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RELEASE: "Ohm" Single - Exillians

Colin Morgan

Aug 25, 2023

"Ohm", the debut single from the Exillians is available, NOW, on all digital streaming platforms

Night City Publishing is proud to announce that the first single from the upcoming debut LP "Exillians Set Sail", “Ohm”, is out NOW on all digital streaming platforms.

“Ohm” is an amazing, kinetic experience of a song that you will have to hear yourself to fully understand. Mike’s amazing lyricism, T.I.E’s dynamic vocal performance and Juice’s psionic sonic powers of reading the sprit of the world into words are going to hit you like a spiritual brick cast into shallow waters. Perhaps that’s why the song is called “Ohm”. “Exillians Sail On”, the full LP from the group, will be released soon as well. More details on future singles and the full LP release date to be announced soon.

Listen using the links below:

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