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RELEASE: "Make It Out Alive" - Single - Mike Ladd, Queen Mob

Colin Morgan

Sep 1, 2023

"Make It Out Alive", the single from Queen Mob and Mike Ladd is available, NOW, on all digital streaming platforms

Queen Mob and Mike Ladd have released their long awaited debut single together.

The song “Make It Out Alive” is one of my personal favorites of everything the label is releasing over the next few months.

The haunting piano bookending the track is reminiscent of legendary songs such as “A Day in the Life”, Mike’s highly personal lyrics hit hard against the pounding skin of the liquifying drum beat and the brooding organ in the background shifting keys in jagged breaths, flows through the sonic tapestry like smoke drifting across a pressurized chamber. It is tremendous work, and there are ten more equally wonderful songs coming your way soon.

Beth particularly has done a masterful job on the production here and we can’t wait for all of you to hear this song and the rest of the music off of “Everything Could Have Been Different”, the debut split LP from Queen Mob and Mike.

Listen using the links below:

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