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RELEASE: "1997" - Single - The Colourflies

Colin Morgan

Sep 8, 2023

"1997" the latest single from the Colourflies is out NOW on all digital streaming platforms

"1997", is the electric new single from a new addition to the label roster: pacific northwest staple: the Colourflies. Night City Publishing is really excited to be working with lead singer and guitarist, Matt Legard and drummer Devin Koshney on getting their amazing sophmore album out with the highest quality and fidelity possible.

1997 features swirling, pulsing guitars remincint of the best fuzz laden singles of the mid 90s, mixed with a modern lyricism and flare that only Matt could bring to the work. The song is concise, precise in its chaos, and features an extremely catchy hook. Devin brings an amazing rythmic sense to the background and somehow manages to keep the song both grounded and afloat in sonic majesty. We love this track at the label and are proud to be able to release it for all of you.

Stay tuned for more news articles and information on our social media accounts on this recent signing. Cover art by Evan Dando of the Lemonheads and Colin Morgan.

Listen below:

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