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Night City Publishing is an independent record label that specializes in:


1. Recognizing and developing new emerging musical talent

2. Band, brand and social media promotion

3. All types of reissues of older work


We are currently looking to sign new and promising artists that want to pursue higher and truly professional musical levels, as well as achieve tangible personal goals in their songwriting, production and potential profits along the way.

Our label is highly selective with signings. We truly believe in our talent and we support them at a high level in terms of creation, promotion and handling any emotional up and downs felt as a result of being in professional music. This is all done while teaching our signed artists the basics about the current music industry, distribution, legal artist rights and promotion.

We believe in smart, algorithmic and social media-based promotion in addition to our independent advertising tools that we use in house for all our artists and bands. We do not believe in bots, buying followers or streams, or anything of that sort. We do not use AI art and have never published NFTs.


Our only agenda is about getting your music out in the best, most efficient and honest way to the modern world and your fans. Our results speak for themselves with over 1 million streams achivied across our roster during our first two years as a company. We work with companies like Spotify and VEVO to synergize your exposure and engagement using their company tools as well.

We are currently based in Boston (MA), USA.


Contact us for more information on submitting your music or request an individual preliminary consultation on any reissues, remasters or special edition rereleases you wish to pursue. We will get back to you within 48 hours with an initial response and our direct email for submissions if you meet our various artist criteria. Please state all requests and inquiries clearly along with clearly stating your artist or band name in the text box.

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